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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44452

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing- A Review

Dr.P.V.M.Raju1*, K. Prudhvi Raj2, D.Navya3, K.Peddintlu4,Md.Zareena5, Sk.Akbar Basha6, T. Vennela7, Dr.K.S. Venkateswara Kumar8


The world is transforming from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing and no business is exception for it. As many countries witnessed widespread diffusion of technology, the usage of Internet has become very prominent. In addition to this usage of social networking sites has gained momentum for business applications. Marketers understood this fact and using digital marketing as a tool for business enhancement and profitability. India is no exception, Digital marketing is booming in India day by day at a greater pace. Many Indian firms are using Digital marketing to improve their marketing performance and to gain competitive advantage. Digital marketing is a marketing technique that makes use of Internet also electronic devices like desktops, laptops, phones and tabs. As there is a considerable change in the consumer behavior and their purchasing patterns from the last decade, Marketers must focus on the emergence of Digital marketing and its impact on future business strategies.Artificial intelligence (AI) involves knowledge representation, search, perception and inference. To generate results, artificial intelligence (AI) must define and read the data in forms that will allow representation and processing. This paper focuses on the overview of digital marketing and its implications on Indian business and how it’s advantageous over traditional Marketing along with the current and potential relationship between digital marketing and artificial intelligence.


Digital Marketing, Consumers, Promotions, Search Engines, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Online Advertising.

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