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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44449

Calculation of the Energy Density Levels of the Rays Emitted from Mobile Phone Towers inHand the Nile Center

AbeerKhudhairAtya1*, Dr. Fadhil A.Murad2


This research ensures the measurement and discussion of the energy density levels emitted by mobile phone towers in hand the Nile center inBabylon Province and comparing it with the values allowed globally according to the organization ICNIRP In this research, a German-made HF59B analyzerdevice was used, which was manufactured by a company called (Giga Hertz Solution), and the device works within frequencies(700-2700) MHz and that the telephone devices operate within these frequencies. A map of the Nile area was taken from the Urban Development Directorate in Babylon.Also it divided into squares, the area of each square is 200π‘š2,The energy density in the middle of the square was measured. The measured area was determined and installed on the map for thehand Nile. It was also noted that the lowest value for energy density was 18.15 ΞΌπ‘Š π‘š2 and the higher value for energy density was162 μ𝑀 π‘š2. Also, the locations of the towers for mobile phones were known and installed on the map for the handNile. It was noted that the farther the measurement point is from the location of the tower lead to the values of energy density levels decrease, and that energy density levels depend on many factors, for example the type of tower, distance and height.


Power Density, Mobile Phone Tower, Radio Wave, Mobile Phone Device.

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