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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44413

An Empirical Investigation Affecting of Disruptive Innovation Management on Performance of Thai-Listed Company

Sumittra Jirawuttinunt, AchariyaIssarapaiboon, TudsudaImsuwan, Jintaporn Muangkhiew


The objective of this study is to investigate theeffectofdisruptive innovation management on business performance via mediatingvariables such aseffective customer responsiveness and competitive advantageontherelationships. The data was collected by a questionnaire survey from 175executive managers of Thai-listed firms. The statistic alanalys is for testing the hypothesis is OLS multiple regression analysis. The results showed that four dimensions of disruptive innovation management, which are;digital technology feature utilization, low-end market disruption orientation, new market disruption focus andnew business model generation have positive impacts both as direct and indirect effects on business performance. All dimensions of disruptive innovation management can explain predication of effective customer responsiveness at35.90%,competitive advantage at 44.60% and business performance at 26.00%.Inaddition,the independent variable such as new market disruption focusfully supports the hypotheses. Overall, this study contributes to large firm that consult and introduce effective strategy byexploring disruptive innovation management to create competitive advantage and business performance.


Disruptive Innovation Management, Effective Customer Responsiveness, Competitive Advantage, Business Performance

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