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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44401

Analysis of Factors Affecting Self-Efficacy in Hemodialysis Patients: A Literature Review

FitriAriani, FitriArofiati


Patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy will experience changes, including physical, psychological and social changes that have an impact on their level of quality of life. One factor that affects hemodialysis patients' quality of life is self-efficacy. This review aims to determine the factors that can affect selfefficacy in hemodialysis patients. This study used a systematic review method by taking articles from 3 databases, namely PubMed, ProQuest and Ebsco. Articles were selected based on predetermined criteria, namely published in 2016-2021, have the complete text, speak English, and use a quantitative methodology with the keywords self-efficacy and hemodialysis. The search results obtained 178 articles, which were then reviewed using a prism diagram to obtain five journal articles. The analysis of this review article uses JBI's critical appraisal. Five articles deserve to be reviewed; two articles state that the factors that influence self-efficacy in hemodialysis patients are selfmanagement. The other three articles each stated that the factors of exercise activity, stress management, and social support could increase self-efficacy in hemodialysis patients. Social support (Family), stress management, selfmanagement and activity training can increase self-efficacy in patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy


hemodialysis; therapy; PubMed; ProQuest; Ebsco

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