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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44421

The Efficiency and Seabed change around the caisson slotted breakwater supported on piles.

Heikal E. M., A.S. Koraim , M. E. Elsebaie, I. A. Elbagory


In this study, erosion around the piles caused by regular monochromatic waves as well as the efficiency of a caisson with slotted supported on piles breakwater was investigated experimentally. By estimating wave reflection, transmission, and energy dissipation, the hydrodynamic performance of the breakwater was investigated. many factors have been studied, including changes in wavelength (h/L) and drafting of slotted (D2/h) towards the seaside. The transmission coefficient (Kt) decreases with increasing relative wavelengths (h/L) and relative drafting (D/h), respectively. The reflection coefficient (Kr) has the opposite trend, the reflection coefficient (Kr) increases with increasing relative wavelength (h/L). For estimating the transmission and reflection coefficients, empirical formulae were created. Results from these equations were compared to those from other experiments and theories, and it was discovered that there was a reasonable amount of agreement. The suggested breakwater type outperformed other breakwater systems in terms of effectiveness.


around, supported, efficiency, seabed

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