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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44417

Traditional versus Brain Based Learning Approach: A comparison of Self Esteem of nursing students

Kirti M. Jamdar, Prabha K.Dasila


Background: Education takes many forms across the whole of life. Education must be envisioned in a broader sense. Education wouldn't function as planned for success in the twenty-first century without all of its major components. Lifelong education is built on four key elements: learning 'to know,' 'to do,' 'to be,' and 'to live together.' It has highlighted the importance of gaining knowledge 'to understand.' Learning to understand exactly suggests that one should gain knowledge by enhancing one's critical thinking abilities. It is more about arousing inquisitiveness and allowing one to relish the joys of scientific research. Traditional teaching is a proven method for improvement in the students ‘self- esteem. Positive self-esteem motivates the students’ performance and vice versa. Objective: To compare the Self Esteem in Study group and Control group. Material and Methods: Two group pretest posttest design. 225 third year B.Sc. nursing students were enrolled. Non probability convenience sampling method was used. The data collection included use of Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale. Analysis: At the conclusion of posttest 3, the study group's self-esteem mean was 37.37, whereas the control group's mean was 35.69. This difference was significant at the 0.05 level of significance. The study findings are suggestive of using Brain Based Learning as a strategy to improve student participation in the teaching learning process. Conclusion: Self-esteem scores depicted marked improvement in the study group sample. Implications: Brain Based learning can be undertaken to check its effects on variables like intelligence, emotion, retention and memory. The study can be repeated using longer duration.


Traditional Teaching, Brain Based Learning, Self Esteem

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