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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.7.NQ33433

IoT based Customizable Energy Management System using Cloud Computing

R. Lavanya, C. Murukesh, N.R. Shanker


Electricity is an essential need that is mostly utilised in home, agricultural and industrial sectors. In this paper, dynamic power management is carried out by using Internet of Things (IoT) to track and manage home appliance energy consumption. In the current systems, humans must manually keep track of power consumption details, and it is challenging to estimate how much energy various appliances are using. Furthermore appliance status cannot be accessed and it is impossible for home appliances to consume the predetermined amount of energy. The developed system can track home appliance power usage, and the resulting data is saved in IOT. The proposed work provides a system for smart metering and charging on an energy meter. The prepaid energy metre is a device with a chip for assessing how much electricity is used. In remote monitoring of electricity usage, each object's energy metre has been incorporated with a Global System for mobiles (GSM) based wireless connectivity module. This method has the capability to prevent human error, and remote analysis is also feasible. It automatically update information about the amount of energy used, related percentage will be shown on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and transmitted to the base station continuously. The result shows with Energy Meter more automation operations can be performed and Electricity Board (EB) meter is operated automatically. The Energy Meter has intelligence to avoid manual mistakes. The smart controller collects the energy information of the home appliances which saves in cloud platform for analysis. Home appliances accounted for two-third of the Energy consumed in Average home. It also specifies that roughly one third of energy is wasted. The Proposed smart controller can reduce the amount of energy wasted during the idle state of energy consuming equipments.


IoT, Intelligent Controller, Prepaid Energy Meter, GSM, Short Message Service (SMS), Electricity usage monitoring.

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