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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ22264

1 Lecturer 1 Android Apps: Boosting Lecturer’s Technology Management for Teaching and Learning during and PostPandemic Covid-19 Situation

Dadan Rusmana, Yayan Rahtikawati, Nurlinah, Rohanda


The aim of this writing is to boost the lecturer’s technology management in delivering the lecture, disseminating research and serving community service. There are two main reasons, first the use of gadget is increasing massively and second the need of teaching and learning during and post-pandemic covid-19 is in touchable world. These emerge the lecturer to have own android apps to be accessed by the students anytime anywhere they need. It can contain the lecturer’s official video of lecture, research and community service. This writing describes the features of lecturer’s apps from the profile, the subjects taught; including the lesson plan, the video, the frequently asked questions, discussion forum, and exercises until the open access references. Besides telling the research interest of the, it also describes the community service for the society. There are at least three benefits having one lecturer one android apps, namely 1. It helps the students to access the lecture anytime and anywhere; 2. The customized videos can be adapted to student’s own learning style; 3. All provided sources won’t be bothered by holidays or any other activities. In conclusion, having one lecturer one android apps helps the students to study during and post-pandemic covid-19 situation.


Lecturer, Android Apps, Teaching, Learning, Post-Pandemic, Covid-19

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