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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44246

Poly (Vinyl Pyrrolidone) Nanofiber as Fast Oral Drug Delivery of 6-Mercaptopurine

Ahmed A. A. Alsaad, Ahmed Abbas Hussein, Khulood M. Alsaraf


The utilization of electrospinning method in drug delivery has been increasingly popular in recent years, with the ability to incorporate drugs and enhance dissolution; this technique is used to improve the dissolution of poorly watersoluble 6mercaptopurine and. 6-mercaptopurine and poly (vinyl pyrrolidone) solutions were spun using simple electrospinning technique. Loading efficiency and electrospinning yield were affected by polymer concentration during the optimization process, as well as nanofiber diameter. The concentration of polymer also affected both the number of beads formed and the amount of drug released. polymer (PVP) negatively affected the electros pun yield, but the loading efficiency and in vitro dissolution rate were largely controlled by the PVP content in the optimization formulas. In addition to reducing the diameter of the fibers, the increased polymer concentrations had a positive impact on reducing the number of beads. The physicochemical characterization of the prepared formulas indicate that the drug was found as a molecular dispersion within the polymer matrix or as an amorphous state. In vitro dissolution studies indicates about 68 ± 4.16 release in less than 2 minutes in HCL solution medium compared to a negligibledissolution of physical mixture and free drug. From the derived results, the electro spun 6- mercaptopurineloaded nanofibers pave the way for enhance the dissolution for insoluble low bioavailability class II drugs.


Drug, Delivery, Fast, Oral

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