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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44243

Cyber Awareness and Social Media Scams Among Users

J.Preetha, K.Lokeshwaran, D. Asha, K.Bashkaran


Human behavior and interactions on social media have remained extremely dynamic real-time social systems that accurately express individual social awareness at fine spatial, temporal, and digital resolutions. By utilizing a social media aggregator, hackers will gain easy access to all social media platforms that are linked together. Social media users' lack of security awareness exposes them to a variety of cybercrime operations. Numerous countermeasures are being considered, including improving social media privacy settings, limiting social media authorization, and increasing social media users' security awareness. We discuss how social media spreads information, the multifaceted consequences of social media, and some real-world examples. On the one hand, social media has aided in the prediction of human dynamics across a broad range of domains, including public health, emergency response, decision-making and social justice promotion. Social networking sites can be used to facilitate data exchange. As a result, our study emphasized the users' awareness of social networking sites.


Social Network, Security, Awareness, Human dynamics

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