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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44240

Fine-Grained Access Control Mechanism to Enhance Data Privacy and Integrity in Cloud- Based EHR

C. Eben Exceline, Sivakumar N


The confidential nature of Electronic Health Records has attracted a lot amount of research to provide data security. Cloud-based electronic health record systems adopt attribute-based encryption to provide fine-grained control of access over medical records. Designing better fine-grained control of access mechanism to electronic health records improve data privacy and integrity. Most attribute-based encryption schemes generate the secret key by using volatile attributes common to many users. The volatile attributes are prone to masquerading attacks resulting in a serious breach of data privacy and integrity. Biometrics, a physical feature of users, a non-volatile attribute combined with other volatile attributes can enhance the privacy and integrity of electronic health records. So in this paper, fingerprint biometrics a non-volatile attribute is combined with other volatile attributes of the users to improve data privacy and integrity of electronic health records. Also, the proposed system fragments the patient's electronic health records to provide flexible access. Fragmentation of health records is done according to the search keywords. The time complexity and the computational cost is evaluated by implementing the proposed system. The system is analyzed, and found that masquerading attacks are limited compared with other existing systems.


Control, Data, Privacy, Enhance.

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