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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44234

Evaluation of intra Corporeal Versus Extra Corporeal Anastomosis Technique after Laparoscopic right Hemicolectomy

Osama Abdel Aziz Mohamed Eltih, Nawel EL Sayed Hussein, Mahammed Rajab Mostafa Abouda, Ahmed Kamal El-taher


Background: Following bowel resection, an anastomosis between the small and large intestines must be formed. Extracorporeal anastomosis[1] is the gold standard for restoring continuity; however, intracorporeal (IC) anastomosis is also a viable approach that has been shown in several observational studies to be as safe and efficient. Objective: To clear the feasibility and morbidity of either intra corporeal or extra corporeal anastomosis technique. Conclusion: Intracorporeal anastomosis (IC) anastomosis after laparoscopic hemicolectomy is time saving and less morbid technique compared to extracorporeal anastomosis. Study design: Descriptive study. Setting: The study was conducted the family planning unit at the outpatient clinic of Zagazig university hospitals. Study subjects: A convenient sample included 310 women.


Anastomoses, Laparoscopic Right hemicolectomy, intra corporeal anastomosis, Extra corporeal anastomosis

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