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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44178

The Digital Platform as an Enabler: Exploring the Proletariats’ Struggle Toward PsychoSocio-Economic Freedom via Marx’s Dialecticism in Freedom Fight (2022)"

Mrs. Ramya S, Dr. Shoba K.N,


The contemporary digital platforms (OTT) have enabled creative liberation encompassing topics and themes that have been hitherto “touchy or sensitive” in the mainstream media.The recent anthology of short films compiled under the name of Freedom Fight (2022) streaming on the digital platform SonyLiv has garnered intensecritical acclaim fromits viewers as it foregrounds the Marxist dialecticism prevailing in contemporary societyand the idea of freedom according to Marx.By examining the anthologyFreedom Fight, this study analyzes Marx's dialectics and his methods for achieving psycho-socio-economic freedom in the plots.The psycho-socio-economic or behavioral economics is an interdisciplinary field as it focuses on psychology, neuroscience, and microeconomics. Marx's dialecticism is a conceptual reconstruction of social reality(Wilde 1998) which claims to detect social tensions and analyze transformation. The study uses content analysis as a research strategy to examine the Marxist viewpoint in the film Freedom Fight. The article is divided into three parts: an introduction to dialecticism and psycho-socio-economic freedom, an application of Marx's dialecticism in a selection of stories and the struggle for freedom, and a discussion of how to achieve psychological freedom through economic freedom by addressing labor discrimination and class antagonism.Marx argues that workers shouldn't surrender to the everchanging needs of capitalist exploitation by enforcing economical and labor rights since doing so would reduce them to partly fledged social agents with a less social agency.


Digital media, Behavioral economy, Dialecticism, Bounded rationality, psycho-socioeconomic freedom.

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