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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.7.NQ33353

Validation of the family functioning style scale to assess family strengths against the Covid-19

Gimena Heydy Aspur-León, Juana Pandia-Pacori, José Calizaya-López


Introduction: The complexity of studying the family has been approached indistinctly by several disciplines, coinciding that it must be a matter of public interest since it is a central issue for public health. Objective: To analyze the validity and reliability of the family functioning style scale to assess family strengths in the context of the Covid-19 crisis, Arequipa, Peru. Methods: Instrumental study, confirmatory factor analysis and exploratory factor analysis were used, as well as internal consistency analysis. The sample consisted of 823 people with an average age of 25.74 years (DS±8.99). Results: A través del análisis factorial exploratorio se encontró que el instrumento es unidimensional y el análisis factorial confirmatorio indicó eliminar los ítems 1 y 7 obteniendo adecuados índices de ajuste para los 24 ítems restantes. Asimismo, el coeficiente Omega de Mc Donald demostró altos índices de confiabilidad para la escala total. Conclusion: The scale shows adequate validity and reliability indicators for the measurement of family functioning style in the Peruvian context.


Scale, family functioning style, family strengths, validity and reliability, Covid-19.

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