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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44083

Quantum Conductance of Abnormal Voltage-Gated Channels Can Depolarize the Membrane Potential of Cancer Cells: A Quantum Mathematical Study

Lou’i Al-Husinat , Abdallah BarjasQaswal, Fuad Mohammed Zayed,Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Azzam,Mohammad Al-Alawneh,Mo’athBani Ali, Moath Ahmad Albliwi, Ameen Ismai, Omaymah Al-Shweiki, Linah Ayman Elyyan, Ahmad Enjadat, and Huthaifa W. Almaaitah


Cancer is a global health issue that requires persistent efforts to understand its pathogenesis in order to find thera-peutic targets to achieve better clinical outcomes. At the molecular level, cancer cells are highly proliferative and tend to metastasize. Both of these characteristics make this disease with unfavorable prognosis. The strong correlation between these two characteristics and the bioelectrical features of these abnormal cells has been known and established. Cancer cells tend to have depolarized resting membrane potential if they are compared with normal cells. The mechanisms of depolarized resting membrane potential of these abnormal cells are not clearly defined. One obvious molecular target is the abnormally expressed voltage-gated channels. In the present study, the mathematical model of ions quantum tunneling through the closed channels will be utilized to show that closed channels have a basal electrical activity via quantum tunneling. Additionally, the study shows that the closed channels have a quantum conductance that candepolarize the resting membrane potential, which is mathematically proved by using the quantum version of the Goldman-Hodgkin-Katz (GHK) equation for protons and sodium ions.


quantum tunneling, quantum medicine, cancer, voltage-gated channels, quantum biology, quantum conductance, depolarization

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