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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44081

Optimization Of Water Sports Tourism Potential In The Jakabaring Opi Lake Area

Widya Handayani, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi, Sugiharto, Irwan Budiono


This study aims to analyze the potential of OPI Lake as a forum for traditional water sports that carries local wisdom to support the development of sport tourism. Qualitative research with a case study approach collects data through observation, documentation, interviews, and focus group discussions. The validity of the data was done by triangulation technique and analyzed descriptively. The results reveal that: 1) the physical condition of OPI Lake is very supportive as a field for developing water sports tourism; 2) the development of the OPI Lake area will have a positive impact from social, cultural aspects and can revive the economic growth of the community around the lake; 3) there are several types of water sports in the OPI Lake Area, namely rowing boats , sky water , triathlon and recreational tourism in the form of banana boats pulled by speed boats and paddle boats (duck boats) but a mini Bidar boat (Pancalang Bidar Recreation) is needed as an effort to preserve local traditions; 4) the development of water sports tourism in OPI Lake will have an impact on the environment but can be minimized by anticipating impacts such as: building good drainage, preserving the lake's biodiversity, making regulations so that the lake and the surrounding environment are not polluted. Through these findings, it is hoped that sport tourism that carries traditional water sports can develop. Further research is expected to conduct more in-depth research related to sport tourism with local wisdom from different indicators and perspectives from this research.


Sport Tourism, Tourism Potential, Water Sports, Bidar Mini Boat, OPI Jakabaring Lake

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