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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.7.NQ33159

The Geometry of punch cross section effect on stress and strain values of root punch

Sabah hatam obaid , JabbarAbbs Jaber and Hadi Raheem Ibrahim


The present paper shows the study of punch cross section difference ( circular, square, ellipse, hexagon) effect on piercing process performance by impact to know any cross section have high stress which effect on cutting tool root, and then can be avoid high stress by changing of cross section punch or by using quality superlative lubricant approaches to attain sustainable development in keep on employment of tool and artifacts in manufacturing processes. Traditional cutting equations are used to calculate shearing cutting forces to perform process. The high value was for ellipse punch cross section (33681N) because of splaying which increase of punch penetration shear area. The longitudinal vibration equation is used to produce shear cutting forces values. The results were in same direction for ellipse punch cross section (35199 N), and the hexagon and square cross section record values are closed to the ellipse because of sharp edges for punch cross section. The strain gage technique is used practically to record cutting tool strain values, and the ellipse punch shape gives maximum value of strain (0.00367) and maximum value of shear stress (382MPa), and also the square and hexagon shapes record closed values for ellipse. The punch square shape record high tensile strain values (-0.0027), where punch adhering in sharp hole edges in return stroke. The auto desk inventor program is used to simulate analysis process of stress and strain (FEM) by using same values of forces in equations, the results were in same direction. This is refer to possibility of the simulate program in manufacturing factories to attain sustainable development for production.


punch geometry, stress and strain of punch, auto desk inventor program simulation

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