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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.7.NQ33158

Satirical Representation of Political Issues in Sinan Antoon Ijaam

Saad Zaati Shamkhy , Majeed Abjel Ferhood , Ali Dakhil Naem


The study discussed the representation of Political Issues in Sinan Antoon Ijaam .It explores how the author used irony in portraying the hypocrisy of Saddam Hussein's government and his political violence. It also provides a clarification of the concept of satire and how it's adopted in Antoon's novel Ijaam. Antoon used heavy irony of the Baath Party institutions and the leader's speech by depicting of what they mean. He uses extreme language and playing with words to show his discontent of Saddam Hussein's regime. The theory of satire is used as a framework in the Iraqi political novel to create awareness of the suffering of Iraqi society during The Baath Party government. The result indicated the prominent themes that emerged from the satirical representation of political issues in Sinan Antoon's Ijaam: political violence, corruption of Saddam Hussein's regime. Since we do not notice any notion pertaining to the fundamentals of the Baath Party institutions. They are used as a mechanism to use violence over Iraqi people. The finding also showed how the words used in contradictory way to construct realistic picture of the brutality of the Baath Party government.


Antoon's Ijaam, Saddam Hussein's regime,The Baath Party, The theory of satire, political issues

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