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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44069

Performance Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Brushless dc motor with ANFIS and PSO-PID Controllers

Ramakrishna Raghutu, M Sankaraiah


Permanent Magnet Brushless DC machines are more widely used because of their simplistic design and low cost. The development of improvements in permanent magnetic materials and power electronic devices has led to the establishment of PMBLDC drives that are reliable and cost effective for a variety of applications. PMBL motors have a wide range of applications due to their low cost and high performance. Some examples of these applications include vehicles and household appliances. Simulation, modeling, and testing are needed to make this drive competitive. In this paper, a comparative study between sensor and sensor less control of four-switch Inverter fed PMBLDC is addressed, and a Simulation model with the transfer function of BLDC motor is proposed. Four-switch electronic commutation modes based on an ANFIS controller and a PSO-PID controller have been implemented to increase sensor-less control performance.


Brushless DC Motor, Four-Switch Three Phase Inverter, Sensor less Control, ANFIS Controller.

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