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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44066

Enhanced LFC Coordination to Improve Micro- Grid Power System Stability by the Application of GWO-PID Controllers in Conjunction with the Penetration of Renewable

Ramakrishna Raghutu, M Sankaraiah


Renewable Energy System Integration is a complex nonlinear power system that suffers from significant power system frequency and tie-line power deviations as a result of a lack of damping factor under dynamically changing loads. However, maintaining acceptable levels of frequency and tie line changes remains challenge. Electricity shortage during critical load situations complicates the balance between power production and demand. This equation is essential to the efficient management of all power systems and gives extra controllers when the incorporation of renewable energy sources into the traditional power system is taken into account. In this paper, a PID controller with grey wolf optimization (GWO) is used to micro-grid power system load frequency control. The GWO algorithm develops and implements a time-domain based objective function to adjust controller variables robustly. The suggested GWO-based control is evaluated in a three-area micro-grid scenario. The recommended GWO-PID controller's performance is compared to an PSO-PID controller to underline its robust performance across a wide range of load changes.


Load frequency control; grey wolf optimization; micro-grid power system.

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