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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44064

Impact Buried Plate as Scour Countermeasure Downstream of Hydraulic Jump in Open Channels

Rana F.Tantawy, Gamal M. Abdel-Aal , Atef A. EL-Saiad, Nesreen M. Taha


A local scour downstream hydraulic structure due to free hydraulic jump is one of the main interests of researchers where it can cause huge damage or collapse for hydraulic structures. Many studies have applied to study the maximum depth of scour and to develop new countermeasure to control this phenomenon. In this study, scour downstream fixed apron by using a buried plate as a countermeasure was studied. Many experiments were conducted for Froude number ranged from 2.0 to 7.0 in which a plate was buried at different distances with different heights and thickness. Also, the effect of perforated plate was investigated. For runs which buried plate was installed, two scour holes were formed behind and in front of the plate. The dimensional analysis was used to drive the expression that link the different variables affected on the scour phenomenon. It was found that when the plate was buried at (0.2LB), the maximum scour depth upstream and downstream the plate (Ds1 and Ds2) reduced by 33% and 25% respectively compared to the maximum scour depth for no plate condition. Changing the thickness and heights of the buried plate was not very effective and clear. Also, the effect of perforated plate has negative results on Ds1 but positive results on Ds2.


Local Scour, Hydraulic jump, Fixed apron, Buried Plate, Maximum scour depth

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