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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44063

IOT Based Surveillance System for Fire and Smoke Detection

Khaled Matrouk


Smoke and gas sensing are essential for early detection of fire, and as a result, many fire scenarios result in the loss of life and significant expense. Meanwhile, researchers throughout the world work on smoke and gas detection systems based on sensor networks, digital image processing, or computer vision. A self-sustaining IoT-based realtime forest fire forecasting and detection system is proposed in this proposal for assisting firefighting teams in suppressing fires where they begin slowly using information about their position. In addition, it utilized sprinklers that spray water at a controlled pressure. Firefighters are responsible for identifying and extinguishing flames. With technology advancing quickly, automation is becoming more and more prevalent. On the other side, firefighters with MQ2 (Gas Sensor), Flame Sensor, and DC fan will turn ON are frequently in risk of losing their life. Toxic chemicals identified in the firefighting environment were responsible for the bulk of the deaths. The paper presents a prototype based on sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) for outdoor fire detection, with an emphasis on temperature and gas measurement precision when a fire starts, in order to address these challenges. A database schema for alarm settings based on sensor data allowed us to manage changes using a combination of wireless components, development boards, and electrical devices.


Smoke, Detection, IOT, Based

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