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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.8.NQ44004

Effect of Training Program on Nurses’ Performance regarding Life Threatening Cardiac Arrhythmias

Ahmed Mohamed Elmarakby Nagy*, Nadia Mohamed Taha, Aida Ahmed Mohamed, Fathia Attia Mohamed


Background: Life threatening cardiac arrhythmias are the most prominent causes of mortality in patients with heart diseases. The critical care nurse role in life threatening cardiac arrhythmia mainly focuses on, prevention, early detection and taking emergency actions. Aim: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of training program on nurse’s performance regarding life threatening cardiac arrhythmia in intensive care units (ICUs) at El_Araby Hospital, Egypt. Subjects and Methods: Research design: A quazi experimental design was utilized to achieve the aim of this study. Setting: The study was conducted in ICUs at El_Araby Hospital. Sample: a convenience sample of all available nurses working in ICUs. Tools of data collection: Self-administered questionnaire, observational checklists and nurse’s attitude were used. Data were collected over a period of six months. Results: Slightly three quarters of the studied nurses aged less than 30yrs, more than half were female. There were statistically significant improvements in total level of nurse’s knowledge, practice and attitude post program. Conclusion: the nursing training program had a significant positive effect on improving nurse’s knowledge, practice and attitude regarding life threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Recommendations: It was recommended continuous in-service training programs for the purpose of refreshing, updating the nurse’s knowledge and practice regarding life threatening cardiac arrhythmia.


life threatening cardiac arrhythmias, Nurses performance, Training Program

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