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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.7.NQ33079

Study Effect Of Titanium Surface Temperature On Plasma Parameters



In this work, we present experimental results demonstrating the effect of sample (cathode) temperature on the temperature and electron density of the glow discharge of arcon gas. The glow discharge system was run for half an hour to obtain the hot cathode as a result of bombarding the cathode with ions and unstable atoms formed in the glow discharge, then the cathode was cooled with cold water to obtain the cold cathode. Electron temperature and density were calculated using an optical spectra analyzer for both cases. It was found that the temperature and density of electrons are greater in the case of the hot target, and it was found that the temperature and density of electrons increase when the voltage increases, and also it was found that the temperature of the electrons decreases with increasing gas pressure while the density of electrons increases. The original impetus for this work was to better understand the effect of sample material temperature on the electrical and analytical behavior of the glow-discharge system so that there would be more control over the quantification.


Hot Target, Cool Target, Glow Discharge, Spectroscopy, Electron temperature, Electron density.

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