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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.7.NQ33028

Controlling Three Level Diode Clamp Inverter With DC-DC Converter In Standalone Application

Dr.G.Indira Kishore


Electricity may be produced using fuel cells or photovoltaics. As a result, high gain converters are needed in microgrids to match the DC bus voltage. Switching capacitors are used by these high gain converters to produce the necessary DC bus voltage. Switched capacitors work in parallel and series to limit reverse voltage and create high static gain. One switch, minimal component stress, high voltage gain, and low ripple current are all requirements that a special converter is proposed to meet. The input voltage to a diode-clamped multilevel inverter is controlled by this DC-DC converter. The output of the dc-dc converter is fed into a diode clamped inverter, and MATLAB/SIMULINK tracks the functioning of the converter


DC-DC Converter, Average current control, voltage gain, multilevel inverter

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