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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.7.NQ33023

Implementation of Battery Management System (BMS) method used for Electric Vehicle

P. Justin Raj, V. Vasan Prabhu, V. Krishna kumar


The article studies to develop the application of electric vehicle through battery management system for the Fuzzy logic controller technique of charge and discharge technique of Lion batteries coupled to the indu. The maximum power of procedure from one photovoltaic systems of the solar panel is 1 kW with Fuzzy logic controller to the electric vehicle. The Lithium ion batteries with a BMS used to describe the running position of the FLC. The FLC can regularize the control input and outputs. The different input variables are the trapezoidal membership features and the output variables are triangular membership functions. The development approach of proposed FLC is above all established on the Mamdani inference system with fuzzy rules. Simulations design of the control strategies were used to implement the FLC. The simulation has executed in the MATLAB 2020.


Li ion battery, Battery Management System, Fuzzy logic controller and Electric Vehicle

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