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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22713

Theoretical high pressure study for bulk and nano carbon using different EOSs

Adnan. Alsheikh, Assim. A Issa


Volume compression behavior of graphite and SWCNT have been investigated under high pressure using Birch-Muranghan, Vinet, Sigh-Kao and Kholiya-Chandraequation of state( EOSs).The obtained results have been compared with available experimental data . Combing these different EOSs with Gr√ľnesein approximation theoretical evaluation of phonon density of state, for both graphite and SWCNT, under the effect of high pressure, obtained results show the importance of considering the variation of Gr√ľnesein parameter under high pressure .


NanoCarbon, SWCNT, High pressure, Phonon frequency spectrum, EOSs

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