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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22712

Estimating Student’s Mathematics Performanceusing Multiple Linear Regression: A Normal Estimation Equation Approach

Jackie D. Urrutia, Flordeliza B. Ferrer, Jenifer E. Tolang


This study intendedto formulate a mathematical model in estimating mathematics performance of the Grade 10 students in Taguig City using normal estimation equation.A total of twenty-nine (29) Grade 10 public junior high school mathematics teachersduring school year 2018 – 2019 were selected as respondents of the study.It employed regression analysis with emphasis on survey method usingtwo instruments: 1) BarOn EQ:i-S to determine the emotional quotient,and 2) a researchers-made instrument to describe the 21st century skills of the respondents. Mathematics performance is considered as dependent variable while there are fifteen independent variables which were categorized into two – emotional quotient, and 21st century skills. Out of fifteen independent variables, ten are from 21st century skills and these are creativity and innovation, critical thinking, metacognition, communication, collaboration, information literacy, ICT literacy, citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility. The remaining five independent variables are from emotional quotient which are intrapersonal scale, interpersonal scale, stress management, adaptability, and general mood.When matrix theory was applied for mathematical computations and manipulations, the researchers came up with the mathematical model ݕො = ݁ସ.ଷଶଽ଴଴ି଴.଴ହ଺ସହ௫భା଴.଴ଵ଴ଵହ௫మି଴.଴ଵଽହସ௫యା଴.଴ଵସସଵ௫రା ଴.଴଴ଵଵଽ௫ఱି଴.଴଴ଶ଼ଶ௫లି଴.଴଴ଷସଷ௫ళା଴.଴ଵ଴଴଴௫ఴା଴.଴଴଺ଽସ௫వ ା଴.଴଴଴ସ଺௫భభା଴.଴଴଴ସହ௫భమା଴.଴଴ଵସ଺௫భయି଴.଴଴଴ଷଽ௫భరା଴.଴଴଴ହ଻௫భఱ with predicting power of 70 percent. Applying multiple regression, only the variables under emotional quotient are found to be significant predictors of mathematics performance. It can be applied that the emotional intelligence of the teachers has a significant role in estimating the performance of the students. Further, there is no significant difference between the actual mathematics performance, and predicted values according to the result of independent sample t-test.It means that the predicted values obtained using the mathematical model was 70 percent close to the actual ones. It is recommended to conduct a similar study in a national level in order to come up for a stronger model which predicts the mathematics performance of the students.


Mathematics Performance, Multiple Linear Regression, Normal Estimation Equation, Independent Sample t-Test, 21st Century Skills, Emotional Quotient

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