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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22706

Traffic Congestion and Environmental Pollution in East Lima and its Consequences on the Quality of Life

Justo Pastor Solis Fonseca, Leonidas Carolina Salazar Bravo, Violeta Leonor Romero Carrión, Edward Flores, Ana de los Ángeles Carolina Solis Salazar


Traffic congestion has strong effects on the entire transport system, for the car it means a longer travel time and a higher consumption of fuel, for surface public transport it implies a decrease in commercial speed, a loss of regularity, an increase in operating costs and a loss of customers, in addition, generates high costs, as a consequence of the uncontrolled use of urban infrastructure, whose collapse in the service levels of said infrastructure, decreases the environmental quality of the urban environment such as the noise pollution, atmospheric pollution by the emission of gases (CO2, NO2, SO2, lead, etc.). The general objective of the research was to determine to what degree transport congestion influences environmental pollution in East Lima, as well as the health of its inhabitants and the city. It was determined that the causes of traffic congestion are: Infrastructure projects that reduce existing lanes and move traffic to adjacent areas; Inadequate action by the police to maintain order in transportation; Little respect for the rules; Organized transport around the private vehicle, which disadvantage more suitable modes of transport: such as the mass public, pedestrians, bicycles; On concentration of institutional activity incoherent with a fluid transportation system; Obsolete vehicle fleet; Vested interests that prevent necessary reforms. Noise is a type of pollution that affects the health of the population.


extraordinary congestion costs, decrease in environmental quality, obsolete vehicle fleet. congestion black spots, transportation around the car.

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