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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.6.NQ22005

Technology Adoption of Online Learning in High Schools duringMovement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia

Danny Tay Hock Seng, Sam Toong Hai, Lim Kim Yew, Wong Chee Hoo, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Chee-Pung Ng, Yong See Chen


Technology adoption is vital for any countries to implement in order to accept the latest technology transfer and application especially for education purpose. The research is conducted by using the ‘Unified theory of acceptance and use of technology’ (UTAUT) model which aims on explaining the intentions of users handling information system and consequent human behaviour. The UTAUT theory is the key pillar on the research methodology as the behavioural model has been well accepted in the academic world.Due to Covid-19 pandemic, traditional physical school learning has been disrupted as ongoing school students require to practise social distancing by online learning from home. This can only be achieved by technology adoption by both school teachers and students. This research explores on the factors that influence technology adoption particularly on high schools in Malaysia.The data is statically analysed using SPSS software version 26 on adaptability, accessibility and environment. The research focuses on the adoption of technology for high schools in Malaysia due to the crucial examination which requires continuous learning. There are various factors that influence technology adoption and focused is done on the most common and crucial factors. By understanding these factors, gap analysis is conducted and findings can be made for further improvement.


Technology Adoption, UTAUT, Education, Continuous Learning.

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