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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.6.NQ22004

Relationships between Financial Management and Spending Behavior on Financial Literacy among Students in Sultan Idris Education University

Emilda Hashim, Norimah Rambeli, Asmawi Hashim, Norasibah Abd Jalil


This study aims to identify the relationships between financial management and spending behavior on financial literacy level among local and international students at Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI). This study is analyzed using quantitative methods through the distribution of questionnaires to 213 local and international students of UPSI from various study categories. Descriptive, item mean scores, correlation and multiple regression analysesareemployed to analyze this study. This study demonstrates that the overall mean scores for both variables, financial management and spending behavior, are high and moderately high, respectively. The correlation analysis result indicates that only financial management is significantly positive and strong correlated with financial literacy level. Meanwhile, spending behavior has a weak correlation with financial literacy. Similarly, the correlation between financial management and spending behavior has a weak relationship between the two variables. Moreover, financial management is a significant factor that can influence students’ financial literacy level while the spending behavior among the local and international students is an irrelevant factor in financial literacy level. Nonetheless, financial management, as well as spending behavior, are deemed important in strengthening financial literacy level for any individual, not just for students alone. Therefore, larger and more comprehensive samples are needed to ensure that a more detailed study on this topic can be made.


Financial Management, Spending Behavior, Financial Literacy, Quantitative Methods.

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