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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.6.NQ22002

Developing Subjective Well-Being Framework to Address Local University Students' Withdrawal Intention during Covid-19 Pandemic

Siti ZubaidahMohd Ariffin, Norimah Rambeli@Ramli, Kesavan Nallaluthan,Normala S. Govindarajo


Under the background of pandemic of Covid-19, the world over has reached to an inconceivable state ofchaos.Therefore,partakinginUnitedNations’2030AgendaforSustainableDevelopmentisanimperative obligation. This study’s framework involving subjective well-being and withdrawal intentionamong university students, harmonizes with at least six (good health, education, economic growth, nopoverty, no inequality, and peace and injustice) (SDGs). Moving along UN’s initiatives,Malaysia'sMalaysia Education Blueprint (2015-2025), acknowledged the issues of support for the disadvantagedstudents, implemented initiatives to provide greater education accessibilities as part of development ofsocio-economic capital. However, university students’ compromised health and escalating withdrawalfrom universities continue to be apparent. The impact from Covid-19, causing job losses and reducedincome, consequently affecting the psychological state and livelihood of university students. Therefore,identifying the subjective well-being and withdrawal intention specific to university students is crucial.This study aims to investigate the antecedents of university students’ subjective well-being, as well as theconsequences of their subjective well-being. The main aim is to develop a framework to understand thestudents’ withdrawal intention in managing their reduced subjective well-being affected by the infamousCovid19. Management of public and private universities will be able to develop fitting strategies tomitigatewithdrawalintention specificto universitystudents.


Subjective Well-being, Withdrawal Intention, Covid-19, University Students

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