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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.6.NQ22001

Factors Influencing Shopper’s Purchase Intention on Live-Streams in Malaysia during Covid-19

Tsen Yee Yung, Wong Chee Hoo, Alex Hou Hong Ng, Toong Hai Sam, Lim Kim Yew, Chee-Pung Ng


In Malaysia, live-stream shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Varshneya, Pandey, & Das (2017) and Sharma & Garga (2020) argued against requiring or specifying the importance of consumers' purchase intent in the marketplace. However, there has been limited research to identify factors influencing consumer purchase intention in Malaysia's live-stream shopping lifestyle. As a result, this study will fill in the research gap by examining the factors that influence Malaysians' purchase intentions through live-stream shopping. Study was achieved through quantitative research design on descriptive study to determine the relationship between the independents variables and the dependent variables. Data were successfully collected from 400 samples through convenience sampling where online questionnaire were distributed in the survey. To test the hypotheses, the data was analyzed using SPSS. The results show that four of the five factors can predict the dependent variable, purchase intention, with entertainment gratification being the most convincing predictor.


Attractiveness, Trustworthiness, Entertainment Gratification and Purchase Intention.

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