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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22662

Parameterized Fuzzy Measures Decision Making Model Based System to Minimise Path Loss Problem in Wireless Communication Systems

Seema Khanum, M. Gunasekaran, S.V.Rajiga and A. Firos


In this paper we introduce topics related to the radio waves used for transmitting data in wireless communication systems. We will start with the spectral bands then we will delve into the physical mechanisms that facilitate the propagation of radio waves, starting by the simple case where no obstacles are interposed between the transmitter and receiver. Furthermore, we will explain how the waves may be reflected by walls and other surfaces. We will also discuss how they can penetrate through obstacles. Finally, we will introduce simple practical models allowing to calculate the path loss to radio spectrum. Then the trained system incorporating the PFMDMM based Decision Making model correctly classifies the signal based on the minimal path loss.


Fuzzy system; wireless communication; BPNN; Decision Making Model; Path loss detection; Preference Levelled Evaluation Functions; RSS; SNR

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