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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22661

Artificial Intelligence: Present status and future prospectives in health care domain

Dr. Vineeta Gupta ,Dr. Mohit Kumar Mathur , Dr. Sheetal Dhaiya , Dr. Rupali Kalsi, Dr. Deepesh Kumar Gupta, Dr. Swati Sharma


Artificial intelligence technologies are growing rapidly and opening the vista of opportunities in the medical field. AI evolving the way of practice in the medical field and showing promising outcomes. Application of AIs are still in a developing state and still need acceptance from medical professionals as they are not prepared and trained for such advanced technologies. But better care for patients, medical professionals has to be acclimatised with these advanced AI technologies. These advanced AI technologies still need validation for reliability, safety, precision and soundness which are underway. The purpose of this paper discuss an overview of AI in the Medical field, related risk & ethical issues and futuristic opportunities in the Medical field.


Artificial Intelligence, ANN, CNN, Machine learning, Medical sciences, Dental Sciences

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