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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22660

Smart lighting system based on IoT with Alexa and LIFX

Balakumar S, Kavitha A. R and JeyalakshmiV


Internet of Things (IoT) involves discovering and communicating with tremendous peripherals including mobile devices, cameras, actuators, other computer devices with internet facilities. With IoT enabled technology, the advantages such as automation in home appliances, monitoring and controlling data, networking, and so on. In these days, the human machine-based user interface is dramatically increased. The growth is processed by adopting the devices such as a mouse, touch device, keyboard, and voice devices. The novel technology has developed with the emergence of Alexa Voice Service. This new user interface can be accomplished with the Alexa Voice service. The smart light system includes information on the light state (ON/OFF) that can be operated over the Internet using the Alexa Echo Voice Assistant feature. The proposed methodology has been adopted with IoT devices via voice facilities. The IOT-based smart lighting system helps connect devices quickly, resulting in effortless and easy connecting configurations.


Internet of things, lifx, alexa, smart light, sensor

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