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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22657

Multifarious Technique Applied for the Correctness the Nervous System of Electricity Demand Using GA & AI Technique

Ashish Dhamanda


Due to huge electricity demand by consumers in all over the world being a volumetric challenge to engineer, researcher, scientist, and academician. As Nerve cells generate electrical signals and neurons control and communicate with our brain and bodies by transmitting informationin a form of electricity, although neurons are not intrinsically good conductors of electricity. For fulfilling the electricity demand, it become necessary to continue enhance and improve the nervous system of the generating system by searching and applying the new techniques. In this paper, multifarious technique applied for the correctness the nervous system of electricity demand. Multifarious technique like; Traditional (PI, PID), Artificial Intelligent (Fuzzy) and GA Technique has been applied for effective outcome of amphibolic system, when the system is operating normal condition and also when in disturbing condition. Thermal unit has been considered as a source of electrical power generation. The comparative results shows that the GA techniquegives better and effective results with respect to the other techniques by correctness the nervous system of the generating unit with expeditiously rising electricity demand.


Nervous System,Amphibolic System,Traditional Technique, Artificial Intelligent Technique, GA Technique, Power Generation, Thermal Source, Electricity Demand.

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