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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22571

Linear Optical Properties of Nile BlueDye Dissolved in Different Solvents

Rajaa K. Khleif1, Talib M. Abbas


In the presentwork, the optical properties and absorption spectrumof laser Nile blue dye(NB) dissolved in different solvents (distilled water, ethanol, methanol) at different concentrations were studied.The results showed that increasing the concentrations leads to an increase in the absorbance and a decrease in transmittance for the prepared sample, and thus an increase in the linear optical properties (linear absorption and refraction coefficients, respectively).When comparing the three solvents and their impact on the absorption of thedye, noted that the absorbance values for methanol are much greater it is in ethanol and water. These differences are due to the different properties of the solvent in terms of polarity and hydrogen bonding ability.


Solvents, Nile Blue Dye, linear optical properties

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