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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22570

Structural, morphological and electrical properties of (MgO) thin films doped with (ZnS) prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis method

Hussein S. Al-Rikabi Muhammad Hameed AL-TIMIMI, Mustafa Zaid Abdullah, Widad H. ALBANDA


Thin films of magnesium oxide (MgO) doped with zinc sulfide (ZnS) were deposited on glass substrates at (350 °C) by the spray pyrolysis technique. The structural properties, surface morphology, and electrical properties of all the prepared films were studied. An X-ray diffraction study confirms the successful fabrication of pure (MgO) thin films and doped with (ZnS) sulfide. The surface morphology revealed by (FE-SEM) of the films reveals that the morphology of the (MgO) films changes dramatically with increasing (ZnS) doping concentration. Through Hall effect measurements, the type of charge carriers of the prepared films was identified and found to be (ntype) for pure (MgO) films and doped with (2 and 4%) of zinc sulfide (ZnS), while they converted to (p-type) for films doped with (6 and 8%) of zinc sulfide (ZnS).


Thin films, MgO, ZnS, Hall effect, Spray pyrolysis technique.

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