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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22569

simulation of interface properties effects in CBTS/CdS solar cell through SCAPS-1D

Khalid. J. Jameel andAyed.N. Saleh


The excess defects concentration in the solar cells interface CdS/CBTS are investigated by Solar Cell Capacitance Simulator in 1 Dimension SCAPS-1D. The study have been showed the influence of the interface defect density, locations of the energy levels for defects, thickness of the CZTS absorber layer, Characteristic energy, and its carrier density on the cell act.theshowed reduction in Voc, Jsc, FF andη with an boost in the density of interface defects. when use donor - like level, the results showed that Voc, Jsc, FF, and η did not change with the change in energy level,when use acceptor- like level, the results show thatreduction Voc, Jsc, FF, and η values.Also, the result showed a boost in Voc, Jsc, FF and η with an boost in thickness of the absorption layer (CBTS), due to the boost in quantum efficie



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