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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22223

Study - Thermodynamic Adsorption of Bismarck Brown Y on Different Adsorbent Surfaces

Baydaa Najim Abbood, Lekaa Hussain Khadim


Koura clay and pottery clay as a pecuniary besides conservational-approachable adsorbent, was consumed to eradicate of Bismarck Brown Y (BBY). Koura clay and pottery clay subdivision and other factors on the surface of Koura clay is (2h), while its adsorption on the surface of pottery clay was (0.5h), (Frendelich, Elovich, Temkin, Harkin – Jura and Dupin). The results showed (Bismarck Brown Y) for Koura clay follows Langmier model, while its adsorption on the surface of the pottery clay follows the (Elovich) model. The adsorption isotherm was also applied to obtain thermodynamic functions within the experimental temperature range (290-320k). The standards depend on the equilibrium constant (Keq).


Adsorption, Water Pollution, Bismarck Brown Y Dye, Pottery Clay, Koura Clay

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