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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22200

Antioxidant Impact of Green Synthetized Magnetic Nanoparticle of Nigella Sativa Seed Alcoholic Extract in Male Rats

Zahraa Mohammed Habeeb, Salim Hussein Jari


That experience was conducted for the purpose of known the impact antioxidant nanoparticles of Nigella sativa agonist oxidative stress of the Nanoparticles the iron in rats. The experience was conducted in veterinary medicine Al-Qadisiya university at the animal house. This study was carried out during a period from 20.11.2020 to 20.04.2021 (64) sixty four mature rat 90 days age. Wister rat average body weight (100-120) gram will be used in the preset study the rat will be kept under controlled hygienic condition with free access to food and water for two week before starting the experiment. The animal will be randomly assigned into 4equal groups 16 each and treated as follow. The following objective will be studied. Gene expression examination in 14 and 28 days. added Evaluation of liver alanine aminotransferase ALT and the alkaline phosphatase ALP, AST aspartate amino transferase gene expression level, And GSS (glutathione) and Sod 1(superoxide dismutase) gene expression. When gave mix groups (Nigella sativa and Iron) to male rats significant decrease fold change gene expression level compared with control groups. While gave Nigella sativa alone to male rats significant decease fold change (gene expression level) compared with control groups. Iron alone gave to male rats increase significant e fold change gene expression level compared with control group. Gene expression (fold change) (glutathione) and Sod 1(superoxide dismutase) gene expression. Examination in 14 and 28 days gave significant increase in mix group and Nigella sativa, significant decrease in Iron group.


Gss, sod1, AL, AST, ALT

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