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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22191

Effects of Service Quality and Patient Satisfaction on Patient Adherence at the Outpatient Rehabilitation Department of Fatmawati National Hospital in Jakarta

Ester Syeftty Pasaribu, Indar , Alimin Maidin , Darmawansyah , Ridwan Mochtar Thaha , Sukri


Introductions: The quality of services and patient satisfaction play an important role in increasing patient adherence. Fatmawati hospital is the national tertiary hospital in Indonesia that has a rehabilitation outpatient department as one of its excellent services. The rehabilitation outpatient department deals with patients that have chronic diseases. Many studies reported that patients with chronic disease verge on having less satisfaction and adherence. Meanwhile, patient satisfaction is used to evaluate health providers' quality. Therefore, this research intended to assess the effect of rehabilitation outpatient service quality and patient satisfaction on patient adherence at Fatmawati hospital. Methods: Cross-sectional study was conducted from December 2021 – to February 2022. Two hundred patients were included with a convenient sampling method. SPPS 25 Software was run to analyze the pilot study data, descriptive statistics, and multivariate regression. Results: According to the finding of this study, most patients had a positive experience in terms of service quality and patient satisfaction. As a result, its have a significant and positive effect on patient adherence. The structural equation Y = 7,502+0,211(X1)+0,822(X2) represents if service quality and patient satisfaction are equal to zero or constant, then patient adherence has a value of 7,502 units. If the quality of service were increased by one unit, the other variable equal to zero and constant, the value of patient adherence would increase by 0,211. On the other hand, patient adherence will be increased by 0,822 units when one unit increases patient satisfaction. Conclusion: The results suggest that improving service quality and patient satisfaction is an effective strategy for health providers in improving patient adherence in the rehabilitation outpatient department.


Service Quality, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Adherence, Rehabilitation Outpatient Department, Tertiary Hospital.

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