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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22181

Effect of Spraying with different Concentrations of Methyl Jasmonate on the Sulforaphane Content of Broccoli Plant

Walaa Mahmood Shakir, Dr. Muthana Muhamed Ibrahim AL-Mahdawe and Mustafa Hammadi


The experiment was carried out during the 2020-2021 agricultural season in the greenhouse of the Baquba nursery/ Diyala Agriculture Directorate, with the aim of studying the effect of spraying with different concentrations of Methyl Jasmonate on the sulforaphane content of the broccoli plant using the soilless cultivation technique. The experiment was implemented using a completely randomized design (CRD) and the study included 4 treatments with nine repetitions for each treatment. The averages were compared at a probability level of 0.05. The study included foliar spraying of broccoli at concentrations of 25,50,75 μmol. l-1 of Methyl Jasmonate As well as a control treatment, the results showed the surprise treatment of the MeJA compound by focusing 25 μmol. l-1, While the average of this trait decreased in the treated plants Mej50 μmol.l-1, which recorded the lowest value for this trait, which was 59.57 μg/gm. Compared to the control MeJA0 μmol.l-1, which recorded a mean of 125.31 μg/g.


Broccoli Plant, Methyl Jasmonate, Sulforaphane, Foliar Spray.

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