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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22177

The Single Narrative for Handling Covid-19 in Indonesia and Implementing of the Strategic Public Communication

Aat Ruchiat Nugraha, Evi Novianti and Diah Fatma Sjoraida


The study aims to determine the phenomenon on the implementation of public communication regarding the dissemination of a single narrative on the accelerated handling of Covid-19 carried out by the Public Relations of West Java Provincial Government. This is qualitative and explanative research with data obtained through interviews, observations, and literature studies. The researcher used purposive sampling method to determine the informants (resources) who were taken with a specific purpose, namely because the researcher considered that someone had the information needed for research as many as 4 informants. The subjects of this research are the actors and implementers of public information and communication service activities of the Covid-19 Handling Task Force of West Java Province, Indonesia. While the research object of this research is the process of spreading a single narrative around Covid-19 carried out by local governments as part of implementing public communication during a pandemic. The results showed that a single narrative containing creative messages on Covid-19 handling in West Java was carried out in the form of socialization, information dissemination, education, and advocacy. Synergy, collaboration, and intensive communication on digital media is key to the successful implementation of a single narrative of handling Covid-19 in West Java, which is transparent, alert, reliable, and trusted.


Single Narrative, Covid-19, Public Relations, Public Information, Taskforce.

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