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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22148

CMOS Trans Conductance based Instrumentation Amplifier for Various Biomedical Signal Analysis

Milind Gajare and D.K. Shedge


Feed forward design techniques for the Trans-conductance operational amplifier removes the barriers of operating frequencies. It is now possible to design amplifiers with large the Trans-conductance that operates at Giga hertz frequency range. There are several Trans-conductance amplifiers used to design a medical and Industrial application that helps in processing various bio medical signals such as Electrocardiographs, Electroencephalographs, Electromyograms and several others. The proposed paper shows the implementation of an instrumentation amplifier using CMOS based the Trans-conductance operational amplifiers also the processing of biomedical ECG, EEG and EMG signals. The CMOS process technology helps to integrate complex circuits on minimal surface area. The Trans-conductance instrumentation operational amplifiers has features includes noise reduction, low DC offset, High output impedance and Common Mode rejection Ratio values. The circuit implementation and simulations has been done on Electronic Design and Automation tool with 0.13μm CMOS process technology.


Transconductance, Instrumentation Amplifier, CMOS Process, Biomedical Signals, Bio-potential Signal, CMRR, Frequency Response, Signal Measurement.

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