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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2022.20.5.NQ22145

The Development of the Pronephros in Sailfin Fish Poecelia Latipinna

Ruqaa Badr Reda and Mukhtar Khamis Haba


This study included the development of the pronephros kidney in one invasive species in Iraq, the sailfin fish Poecelia latipinna which spread in the aquatic surfaces particularly the marshes which situated in the south portion of Iraq. This study depends on the length of the embryos. The bilateral progenitor pronephric cells appear in the mesodermal plate in embryo 1.5 mm in long. In embryo 2mm in long, the histological sections showed the occurrence of the progenitor cells with the precursors of the blood cells near the notochord and dorsal aorta. The undifferentiated pronephric tubules formed in the embryo 4mm in long and the pronephric kidney started to surround with connective tissue cells. In embryo 5mm in long, the histological sections appeared that the pronephric tissue completely surrounded by connective tissue to form capsule, the tubules differentiated to proximal and distal tubules and the glomeruli appeared as well, also the pronephric ducts were completed in this stage to fuse with the cloaca.


Poecilia Latipinna, Pronephros Embryogenesis, Progenitor Cells.

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