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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.12.NQ21197

Tensile and Liquid Absorption Properties of Polyester-based Composites as Alternative Marble Materials

Lamees Khalaf and Israa. Ghazi


Three polyester-based composite materials were prepared with different volume fractions of three types of fillers (i.e. cement, gypsum and limestone) with the aim of improving the tensile and liquid absorption properties of the former for the synthetic marble industry. The tensile strength, modulus of elasticity, toughness, ductility and liquid absorption percentage of the composites were characterized. Results revealed an increase in the modulus of elasticity, tensile strength and toughness of all prepared composites, as well as a decrease in their ductility, with increasing filler amount. The liquid absorption values of all composites increased with increasing filler content. The composites were able to absorb water extensively but absorbed benzene, kerosene and gasoil minimally.


Tensile Properties, Liquid Adsorption, Polyester Composite Materials, Synthetic Marble.

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