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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.12.NQ21192

Time Evolution of the Position Operators in a Bilayer Graphene

Munera W. Mahan and M.J. Majid


In this work, the researchers mainly focus on the trembling motion which is known as Zitterbewegung in a bilayer grapheme. This is effectively achieved by means of the long-wave approximation. That is, the Heisenberg representation is ultimately employed in order to derive the analytical expression concerning the expectation value related to the position operator along the longitudinal and transversal orientation, which describes the motion concerning the electronic wave packet inside the bilayer graphene. Parameters’ numbers are considered to explicate the packet of Gaussian wave, including the polarization of initial pseudo-spin as well as the wave number of the initial carrier number along with the localized wave packet’s width along the longitudinal as well as transversal orientation. Consequently, the researchers show that the obvious oscillation in position operator can be effectively controlled not only by what is known as the initial parameters concerning the wave packet. Rather, it can mainly be controlled by selecting the localized quantum state’s components. Furthermore, the interference’s analysis between the conduction as well as valence bands concerning quantum states is really emphasized as the ability of what can be described as the transient’s emergence, or in a sense, aperiodic temporal oscillations concerning the average value of position operator in the bilayer graphene.


Bilayer Graphene, Zitterbewegung Effect, Wave Packet, Approximation of Long-Wave, States of Localized Quantum.

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