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DOI: 10.14704/nq.2021.19.12.NQ21189

Indoor Radon and Thoron Concentration and the Associated Effective Dose Rate Determination in Dwellings of Suq Alshouk, Thiqar (Iraq)

Hussam Najem Abood and Ahmed Abbas Mohamed


Indoor radon/thoron concentration has been determined in some dwellings of Suq Alshouk district in Thiqar Governorate southern of Iraq, using LR-115 type II and CR-39 (SSNTDs). In this work the indoor radon/thoron concentration varies from (8-73) Bq m-3 for radon with an average 35±2Bq m-3, and ranges (1- 47) Bq m-3 for thoron with an average16±2Bq m-3. The average annual effective dose due to radon and thoron varies from 0.43-3.38m Sv y-1 with average value 1.43±0.11 mSv y-1.


Indoor Radon, Thoron, SSNTDs, Annual Effective Dose (AED).

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